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Button Rock Preserve


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Button Rock Preserve is located in a quiet river valley about 7 miles west of Lyons. Within this walk-in only preserve you will find Longmont and Ralph Price Reservoirs along the North Saint Vrain Creek. The preserve creates a unique experience for visitors, providing opportunities to view wildlife, the natural environment, and water management facilities at a close level. Trails within Button Rock Preserve offer scenic views and plenty of exercise for an afternoon outing. These trails also enable anglers to access many back-country fishing locations. The North St. Vrain Creek provides excellent fly fishing opportunities for anglers at the Preserve, where brown trout are abundant in the river shallows and pools. Fishing along the river and at Longmont Reservoir is within easy walking distance from the entrance. A fully accessible creekside fishing pier is also located just past the entrance gate. After a two-mile hike into the preserve, you will reach Ralph Price Reservoir. A special fishing permit is required to fish at this reservoir. The reservoir is stocked with brown trout, rainbow trout and splake (a brook and lake trout hybrid). #knowbeforeyougo- *The parking lot holds 60 vehicles and, once full, will be closed to additional parking until cars leave. Parking outside the designated lot, including along the road, or blocking emergency access, could get your vehicle ticketed or towed. If possible, plan to visit during the week or during non-peak hours *Beginning May 15, 2023 Dogs are no longer allowed

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