Ideas & Inspiration

Need ideas for your big day?

See the list below to help get you started on Longmont-area wedding offerings.
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Cover Photo: Shupe Homestead

Whimsical Orchard and Rustic Farm Weddings:

Envision yourselves on a country farm, feeling like your miles away from civilization with the convenience of being right in town? Venues like Shupe Homestead, Ya-Ya Farm & Orchard, Lyons Farmette & River Bend can make your day special in that way. With customizable, rustic, outdoor backdrops with mountain views, wood finishes and farm-to-table cuisine, you can’t go wrong with this style of wedding any time of year in Longmont.


Industrial Chic Weddings:

Longmont is home to the St. Vrain, a premier wedding venue in the state of Colorado. Housed in a historic brick building that used to be a car dealership, the St. Vrain has everything you need for a fairytale wedding. The venue has chandeliers, brick interiors, customizable spaces, a cocktail lounge with chic furnishings, a bridal suite, grooms suite, backyard for relaxing and games, picture frames, wood furnishings and more. The venue will cater to your every need to make your day magical.


Rich History Weddings:

The City of Longmont is filled with rich history and beautifully restored historical buildings. The feel of venues like Sandstone Ranch, Hoverhome, Callahan House, the Dickens Opera House, and more can transport you back to a simpler time. Ornate finishes, historical fixtures, and unique attributes are what make these buildings so special for your big day. These historical buildings are the perfect backdrop for those wanting a wonderful, unique setting for the big day. 

Unexepected Weddings:

If you are seeking something bold and unique, consider getting married in Longmont locations such as the Longmont Museum, local Breweries, D-Barn or The Fox Hill Club. All of these venues are unique in their own right, are customizable to the look and feel your are searching for, and are capable of making your big day memorable!