This annual celebration spotlights the value of the tourism industry and overlap with economic development within our community, the state, and around the world

Longmont, CO, May 19, 2024  —National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW) is an industry tradition celebrating the value travel and tourism holds for the economy, businesses, personal well-being and more. This year’s theme, “Travel is Essential,” underscores the critical role of travel in driving economic growth, fostering vibrant communities, creating quality job opportunities, and enriching quality of life. The weeklong event will be celebrated May 19-25, 2024.

National Travel and Tourism Week provides us with an opportunity to emphasize the travel industry’s significant role in contributing to economic development and promoting responsible stewardship of our community,” said Visit Longmont CEO Sarah Leonard.

During NTTW, Visit Longmont is recognizing a more collaborative approach toward visitor promotion and economic development by announcing a memorandum of understanding with the Longmont Economic Development Partnership (LEDP). The MOU focuses on enhancing economic opportunities for tourism business owners and investors, as well as to create awareness of Longmont and the surrounding area as a culturally diverse destination attractive to business, investors, and visitors.

“Longmont is a unique and special place. Highlighting Longmont to visitors not only directly supports our economy, but also puts Longmont on people’s radar as a place they might relocate for a job or grow their business, which further supports our community’s ongoing economic health and prosperity, said Erin Fosdick, CEO and President of the LEDP.

“We know when visitors travel to Longmont, they spend time and money in Longmont restaurants, gift shops, and accommodations, and more to the tune of over $200 million in a year,” said Leonard. “This economic activity supports our neighbors and friends to have thriving businesses, and to live and work in Longmont.”

NTTW was established in 1983 by the U.S. Travel Association to support the industry’s role in stimulating economic growth, supporting communities, and elevating residential quality of life. Throughout the week, tourism leaders across the nation will be demonstrating how travel and tourism play an integral role in every industry and nearly everything we do. From manufacturing and agriculture to education and healthcare, industries across America rely on travel to drive growth, innovation, education, training, and operations forward.


About Visit Longmont: The mission of Visit Longmont, a private 501c (6) nonprofit organization, is to support, market, develop, and enhance historical, cultural, business, meeting, and recreational activities that increase visitation to the City of Longmont and surrounding areas to establish and develop the community of Longmont as a desirable destination for visitors and enrich the economic well-being of the community.

About the Longmont Economic Development Partnership: The LEDP is a 501c (6) nonprofit organization that exists to help build and maintain a vibrant economy and to help Longmont achieve its full potential for growth, prosperity, and inclusion. The LEDP is a public/private partnership that leverages the resource and expertise from both the public and private sectors in unprecedented ways to ensure Longmont’s continued success and to make Longmont the most desirable location for businesses, entrepreneurs, and talent in the region.