As Longmont transitions from the crisp winter air to the embrace of spring warmth, March emerges as a vibrant month filled with opportunities to explore, taste, and celebrate. From outdoor adventures that make the most of the finale of winter to the welcoming of spring festivities, Longmont in March is a time when you can have it all.

Outdoor Activities for All Seasons

March often gifts Longmont with a blend of snowy days and the early signs of spring, making it the perfect time for winter sports enthusiasts to enjoy a last adventure in the snow. Eldora Mountain Resort, just a short drive away, remains a favorite for skiing and snowboarding, offering trails for all skill levels amidst breathtaking views of the Rockies.

Or, embrace a warm, sunny March day by hiking in Rabbit Mountain Open Space or St. Vrain State Park. The snow-covered mountains of the Front Range provide a serene backdrop for these peaceful adventures, allowing you to take in the beauty of Longmont's natural spaces.

Welcoming Spring: Gardens and Brews

As the first sprouts of green emerge, Longmont's agricultural richness comes to the forefront. The city's farms and orchards, such as Sunflower Farm and the Bee Hugger Farm are open to the public in March and buzz with activity. These places offer a glimpse into Longmont's deep agricultural roots and a chance to embrace farm life.

Longmont's craft beer scene is robust and it is a great time to try out new brews.  Enjoy a Zesty Dreams Nitro at Left Hand Brewing or "A Fistfull O’ Roses” Irish Ale on the patio at Bootstrap Brewing Company.  Most of the breweries have great outdoor space to take in the Spring sun. 

Cultural Celebrations: Music and Art

The arrival of spring breathes new life into Longmont's cultural scene. The Firehouse Art Center is presenting “Ectoplasmas de los Fantasmas”, and the Longmont Museum & Cultural Center presents “Picturing the West” exhibit as well as workshops that reflect the vibrancy of the season. Meanwhile, music fills the air as local bands and musicians perform at venues throughout the city. 

Come Embrace the Change of Seasons in Longmont

Celebrate the transition from winter to spring here in Longmont, where you can blend chilly adventures with the warmth of spring sunshine and a fresh start. From skiing to farm activities to cultural events, we invite you to enjoy and embrace this transitional time of year.