April is a great time to embrace Spring and start exploring Longmont and the surrounding area. Here are four ideas for the ultimate spring Longmont adventure!

Plan a Trip to Rocky Mountain National Park

Unpredictable April weather got you down? Put your summer planning hat on and prepare for great summer adventures in Rocky Mountain National Park, which is located only an hour from Longmont. Timed entry reservations are required May 24th through mid-October, 2024, and spots for the May 24th - June 30th window are available on May 1st. Check out all the details on our Rocky Mountain National Park page.

Longmont Farmer's Market is Back

Prefer to browse local flowers and produce all in one place? The Longmont Farmer’s Market is open Saturdays now through November. Over 120 vendors feature fruit, vegetables, meat, wine and more, and there are always fun events like live music and kid’s activities. 8am - 1pm every Saturday at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. 

Farmer's Market

Photo Credit: @bcfm

Brewhop Trolley Tours

With the beautiful spring weather coming to Longmont, there is no better time to take advantage of mild temperatures and jump on a tour of Longmont’s famous brewery scene. Ride the Brewhop Trolley, a ride that allows you to jump on and off and visit local brewery tasting rooms at your own pace.


Photo Credit: @brewhoptrolley

Spring Migration Birding

It’s bird migration season, and Longmont features many outstanding places to view these avian visitors. St. Vrain State Park is a hotspot where you can catch birds passing through on the way to their summer breeding grounds. The park’s 14 ponds are a great stopover for migrating sparrows and warblers, Mountain Bluebirds, Brewer’s Blackbirds and more. Shorebirds like Greater Yellowlegs, dowitchers and sandpipers are also a springtime treat. You can get a list of birds by season at the park’s web page. You can check out other great Longmont birding hotspots on our birding page.

Lesser Yellowlegs

Photo Credit: @kw.field