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Tower of Compassion at Kanemoto Park


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Donated to the City of Longmont by the Kanemoto family in 1966, Kanemoto Park is a seven-acre park within Southmoor Park, a neighborhood built by the family on land they had farmed. Goroku Kanemoto (1882-1935) immigrated from Japan in 1910. He worked on the railroad, then in Colorado on potato and beet fields until he could lease his own farm. His sons George and James became truck farmers and businessmen, as well as leaders in the community and in the Buddhist Church. Kanemoto Park showcases the Tower of Compassion, a structure built in the style of a traditional Japanese temple. It was donated to the people of Longmont by the Kanemoto family as an expression of gratitude and giving selflessly of oneself. On a nearby plaque is explanation of the five-story tower. Each level represents the meaning of compassion: Love, Empathy, Understanding, Gratitude of all Things, and Giving Selflessly of Oneself. A children's activity pool with a slide feature is found at the eastern end of the park. Left Hand Greenway borders the park to the south, extending east and west with connection to the St. Vrain Greenway. Burlington Elementary School is located north of the park.  

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