Slalom Fox introduces new canned cocktails to the state of Colorado. The Slalom Fox line of alcoholic beverages are part of a relatively new category, often referred to as RTD ready-to-drink. The RTD category has been gaining momentum as of late, with the “grab and go” concept appealing to active adults. In addition to the obvious convenience of a cocktail in a can, Slalom Fox has made their primary focus on using real ingredients like premium juices, spirits and herbal extracts.

The Colorado company came to fruition after mother of 5 and Longmont resident Katie Burns, left many a liquor store feeling disappointed. “As someone with a background in natural products, I was shocked that the only ready-to-drink cocktails lacked in both taste and quality ingredients. The drinks out there were being called ‘cocktails’ but most were made with little more than flavoring and malt liquor. There were a few options that contained actual booze but we couldn’t find any with real juices.” After several months of tweaking and testing their own recipes, Burns and her husband John were ready to take Slalom Fox to the public.

Creatively named to reflect both Colorado ski culture and Burns’ favorite animal, Slalom Fox cans are brightly colored and have a unique matte finish. In addition to the signature fox, the activity icons along the bottoms of the cans serve as a reminder of ideal places to enjoy these canned beverages. “It’s so easy to just throw a can or two in a backpack for after a hike, bike ride or just hanging poolside,” Burns suggests.

Slalom Fox currently offers both a vodka and a bourbon cocktail, with a gin and whiskey varietal to be released this Spring. Their Vodka Collins is a twist on the original classic cocktail which tastes like a spiked lemonade with the subtle addition of thyme. The Bourbon Revival combines bourbon whiskey, lemon juice and black currant resulting in a balance of tart and sweet.

Crafted & canned in Longmont, Slalom Fox Cocktails and can be found in spirits retailers across the state of Colorado. Sold in 4 packs, the Vodka Collins and Bourbon Revival are between 7-8% alc/vol. Both are ready-to-drink straight from the can or can be poured over ice. For more information visit or email Katie Burns at

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