Visit Longmont Utilizes Colorado Concierge Program to Improve Longmont Hospitality:
January 7, 2020 — The Colorado Tourism Office created the Colorado Concierge program as a free resource for all Colorado destinations and businesses to coach their frontline workers into being Colorado experts and develop their ability to deliver Colorado-style hospitality. The ultimate goal is to build a statewide community of visitor-friendly ambassadors who can answer the question "What's there to do around here?" Visit Longmont seeks to do just that with implementation of the Colorado Concierge Program around the city to improve Longmont’s hospitality.

Colorado Concierge Program Details

The Colorado Concierge is an online course that is separated into four sections and takes about an hour to complete.

  1. Colorado Essentials - This section covers some basic travel facts about the state, rules around legal cannabis consumption and resources you can share with travelers in everyday encounters.
  2. Care for Colorado – This chapter discusses the details regarding the Care for Colorado Principles developed by the Colorado Tourism Office, in conjunction with the Leave No Trace Center.
  3. Colorado Travel Regions - This section introduces participants to the eight Colorado travel regions to help visitors navigate things to do in the entire state.
  4. Colorado-Style Customer Service - This chapter reinforces that Colorado-style hospitality is not just standard customer service. A recent study by the Colorado Tourism Office showed that 80 percent of US travelers agreed with this definition of Colorado hospitality: “A kind-hearted, genuine invitation to join in the life and wonder of Colorado.”

Visit Longmont has encouraged their staff, volunteers in the Visitors Center and Board members to participate and get certified in the training. The program has also been introduced to Visit Longmont’s hotel partners to encourage front desk staff to enroll in the course as well. Longmont is growing as a city and becoming more of a well-known location within Colorado and this is a great step to make sure frontline staff is knowledgeable with suggestions of what to do and where to visit. “By getting our Board members, volunteers and hotel partners involved in the training, Visit Longmont is hopeful that our key ambassadors can communicate excitement about the myriad opportunities that exist in Longmont for travelers to enjoy”, states Nancy Rezac, Executive Director for the organization. Visit Longmont is looking at how to further expand the program to include more detailed information about the city itself.

About Visit Longmont
The mission of Visit Longmont is to support, market, develop, and enhance historical, cultural, business, meeting, and recreational activities that increase visitation to the City of Longmont and surrounding areas in order to establish and develop the City of Longmont as a desirable destination for visitors and enrich the economic well-being of the community.

For more information, please visit the website at https://www.visitlongmont.org/about/colorado-concierge-program/ or call 303.776.9011.

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