Where to Enjoy the Outdoors in Longmont

The Best Spots to Enjoy the Outdoors in Longmont, CO

There are some truly spectacular places to enjoy the great outdoors in Longmont. For hikers, bikers, kayakers and even skydivers, Longmont offers opportunities to get out and do your favorite activities. Here are the best spots to enjoy the outdoors in Longmont!


Golden Ponds

Photo by Sherri O’Hara.

Golden Ponds Park has 94 acres with four ponds and more than 2.5 miles of trails. A bridge crosses the river just downstream from a cascade, which can be seen along a walk through the park. Fishing, nature walks and bird-watching can all be done around these ponds, giving people a chance to connect with nature. In addition to these activities, views of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains can be seen from the park.





Rabbit Mountain Open Space

Photo by Tamara Burke.

Rabbit Mountain Open Space features several trails that mountain bikers and hikers can enjoy and see views of the Colorado mountains and valleys. There is lots of local wildlife at Rabbit Mountain–day hikes may bring you past deer, or even the occasional rattlesnake. With history, geology, plants and wildlife, people can combine learning with outdoor activity at Rabbit Mountain Open Space.



McIntosh Lake

Photo by Jason Vallery.

Kayaking, canoeing and sailing are often seen on McIntosh Lake. In addition to water activities, McIntosh Lake has a walking and biking trail around the lake, playgrounds and other park amenities for visitors to enjoy. This lake is a reservoir, so water levels may vary due to a variety of factors like precipitation and statewide reservoir levels. Some of the best views of Longs Peak, northern Colorado’s only 14,000 foot peak, can be seen here.



St. Vrain Greenway

Photo by Mikayla Adair.

The St. Vrain Greenway is nearly 8 miles of trails, winding through parks, nature areas, public art, schools, commercial areas and residential communities. The concrete bike paths, gravel trails and nature trails give people an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. This area was severely impacted from the floods a few years ago and has proven resilient.




Sandstone Ranch Park

Photo by Erin Balling.

Sandstone Ranch Park is a city park that offers a variety of outdoor activities in the middle of Longmont. A skate park, adventure playground featuring a spray pad, picnic tables and walking trails give people plenty to do at this park. Next to the park is the Sandstone Ranch Visitors and Learning Center, where you can learn about the historic past of this property and access nature trails for local wildlife viewing and leisure activities.






Mile-Hi Skydiving at Vance Brand Airport

Photo by Paul Marcotte.

Looking for a more intense outdoor activity? If you’ve always been an adrenaline junkie and always wanted to try skydiving, Mile-Hi Skydiving is a skydiving facility which operates out of Longmont’s Vance Brand Airport that helps people conquer their fears and see the views of the Rocky Mountains in a unique way.







No matter your outdoor activity of choice, Longmont has areas where you can enjoy the outdoors, from a calm peaceful morning to an adrenaline filled afternoon.

David Wheeler is a landscape design writer and nature enthusiast. He is an avid traveler and loves to spend his time hiking and strolling through magnificent gardens, learning about rare and native flowers across the world.

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