#TBT Park Hotel

Now that the Turkey Plant has been demolished, a new view looking north past the plant has emerged in downtown Longmont. Just what is the ‘HOTEL’ painted along the top of one of the historic buildings on the 200 block of east Main Street?

This brick building, built by Ralph A. Kiteley and A. Adams, is on a lot originally occupied by part of the Silver State Hotel which was demolished in 1905 when the St. Vrain Block was constructed on the southeast corner of 3rd Avenue and Main Street.

Now considered the Park Hotel building, it was once known as the A-K-J Building. The ground floor housed the Adams & Kiteley Merchandise Company and later the Kiteley, Johnson, & St. Claire Hardware Company. By 1916, the hardware business moved to 314 Main St., and the A-K-J Building housed an automobile sales room.

The upper floors became the Park Hotel while the ground floor has been used for commercial purposes over the years, most recently Antonios – A Taste of Mexico Restaurant. The Park Hotel also served as temporary, emergency housing during the 1990s, and the building received Landmark Designation in 1997.