#TBT Eddie Eagan

Eddie Patrick Francis Eagan spent his high school years in Longmont and went on to gain international acclaim for being the only person to have won a gold medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Besides his athletic prowess, Eddie was also well known for his academic and career achievements in legal affairs.

Eddie, born in Denver in 1897, lived on the 300 block of Emery Street with his mom and two brothers, Leonard and John. He worked as a janitor for the phone company and delivered phone books while he was a high school student. He was also paid to play the organ for the Congregational Church in Longmont. These odd-jobs helped Eddie buy his first pair of boxing gloves and then helped him pay for his first year in college, which was spent at Denver University.

After achieving academic success at DU, Eddie transferred to Yale University where he served as captain of the boxing team. Eddie graduated in 1921 and went on to study law at Harvard University. He was named a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in England, where he also served as captain of the boxing team.

In 1920, he won the Olympic Championship as a heavyweight boxer and again as a heavyweight for the American Olympic team in 1924. His winter gold medal was won when he was a member of the United States four-man bobsled team in the 1932 Olympic Games. Eddie had only taken up bobsledding three weeks before this historic ride.

Eddie served as legal counsel to the New York Daily News for many years, and in 1945 Governor Thomas E. Dewey named Eddie as the head of the State Athletic Commission. Eddie remained in that position until 1951 and later headed President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s People-to-People Sports Committee. Eddie was inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame in 1966.

His later years were spent living in Rye, New York with his wife Margaret “Peggy” Colgate who he married in 1927. He died at Roosevelt Hospital in New York at the age of 70.