Ruckus Rodeo: Pop Art & Cowboy Culture Coming to Longmont Museum

Starting June 14, 2019, Ruckus Rodeo, a walk-through work of art consisting of painted 2-D surfaces and sculptural 3-D figures that depict the Fort Worth rodeo created by renowned pop artist Red Grooms will be featured at the Longmont Museum.

The Longmont Museum and Cultural Center. Photo: Joan Harold, Longmont Museum.

What is Ruckus Rodeo?

Grooms has referred to this work as a “sculpto-pictorama.” Wire, canvas, burlap, acrylic paint, and fiberglass were used to construct the work’s larger-than-life caricatures of rodeo archetypes. Visitors will see a rodeo queen and her steed, a bucking bronco, playful rodeo clowns, a giant yellow bull named Butter, and much more.

Ruckus Rodeo was originally commissioned for the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth’s 1976 exhibition The Great American Rodeo. To prepare, Grooms attended every rodeo performance during Fort Worth’s 1975 Stock Show and made many sketches. From these studies, Grooms drew a panoramic rodeo scene spanning more than seven feet, which served as the basis for Ruckus Rodeo.

Ruckus Rodeo portrays the chaos, entertainment, and danger of the Fort Worth rodeo. Grooms’ engaging work is characterized by a grand sense of spectacle, encompassing the ritual, pageantry, and disorderly commotion of a real rodeo event.

Boulder County Fair Rodeo. Photo: Paul Marcotte.

Additional Programming

The exhibit also celebrates the grand heritage and mythology of the American West with a kids’ corral of hands-on cowboy activities including a hobbyhorse obstacle course, lassoing, old West photo station, and more.

This showcase of rodeo inspired art compliments well with the Boulder County Fair’s 150th celebration on August 2-11, 2019. Make sure to plan your visit accordingly for the full Longmont celebration!

Opening Reception

The opening reception for the exhibit will be Thursday, June 13, 7 – 9 PM. Tickets are $8 for adults, $5 forstudents/seniors, children 3 and under are free and museum members are free. Be the first to experience the new exhibit and enjoy complimentary entertainment and light appetizers. There will be a cash bar available

The exhibit runs from June 14, 2019 – January 5, 2020, start planning your visit today! To learn more about the exhibit, click here.

© Red Grooms, Member of Artists Rights Society (ARS). 
Photo Credit: The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.