Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga-Longmont

All About the Goat Yoga Experience! 

Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga.

In May 2017 Jim Naron hosted their first goat yoga lesson. Jim was inspired by Laney Morse, who had been using goats yoga for therapy in Oregon. At Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga, they work with local goat rescues to keep a sustainable herd. Many times, goat owners will add goats from other herds to keep the gene pool healthy and vibrant. The Longmont classes are hosted at Lucky Weather Ranch. Find your zen with cute baby goats here in Longmont! A great addition to any weekend getaway or vacation!

Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga.
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Contact Information:
Lucky Weather Ranch: 12996 N Foothills Hwy, Longmont, CO 80503

Phone:  (720) 273-1317