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TAKE A TOUR OF STICKERGIANT AND LEARN HOW CUSTOM STICKERS ARE CREATED! Visit for more information. StickerGiant was founded by John Fischer in 2000. It all started from a single bumper sticker idea stating “He’s Not My President” in the aftermath of the 2000 Election. After several thousand sticker sales, StickerGiant was born with the goal of being “the Amazon of Stickers.” The company grew quickly, selling all sorts of stickers in an online retail store. Over the years, customers started asking StickerGiant to have their own custom stickers printed. In 2010, the company transitioned to manufacturer and printer of custom stickers with the goal of providing premium quality stickers, fast turnaround and excellent customer service. Over the years our product offerings have grown, and we’ve navigated our way into the business of printing custom labels for products. StickerGiant is a team of employees that love to make stickers and labels. We run our company using Open Book Management practices, and this creates a transparent culture where employees are invested in the goals of the business. Open Book Management has also created a fun environment where people love to come to work. As a company, we focus on being a benefit to not only our customers, but also the community around us and the world as a whole. We utilize wind energy to run our operation and strive to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible with our production process.

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