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Longmont Jazz Association


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The mission of the Longmont Jazz Association is to provide access to and participation in jazz music performances and to further community appreciation of this uniquely American art form through entertainment and educational programs open to all segments of the community. Since its inception, the annual Longmont Jazz Festival has featured performances by the finest jazz musicians in the Denver metro area. The Festival presents diverse styles of jazz ranging from traditional through big band swing, bebop, fusion, and Latin jazz. The Longmont Jazz Association (LJA) was organized in 1997, incorporated as a 501(c)(3) corporation in 1998 and presented its first Longmont Jazz Festival that year. Since that time, the all-volunteer board of directors of the LJA has produced sixteen music festivals and sponsored several educational programs. To acknowledge the importance of jazz to the Longmont community, the Hon. Julia Pirnack, Mayor of the City of Longmont, proclaimed August 2006 as Longmont Jazz Month. The annual Festival was originally held at the Boulder County Fairgrounds as part of the County Fair, but in 2003 it became an independent production. SCFD funding was first obtained in 2002, making it possible to organize and support the Longmont All Stars, a band of talented high school age musicians. In 2004 the Festival became a two-day event which featured performances by eight of the best Denver metro area jazz bands. In 2006 the annual Festival became a free two day event held at the Roosevelt Park Pavilion. LJA also presents clinics and other jazz-related events.

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