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Kismet Potions


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What sets Kismet Potions apart is just that: potions. All of the products are made using ancient traditions and ancient ingredients that are unparalleled. They are all concoctions to be used with intent and presented to support you in leading a more passionate life. Many of these same compounds were used throughout history for spiritual, aesthetic, medicinal, emotional, physical, romantic and sensual purposes. We have over 20 years experience in custom scent and product design, specializing in obtaining the rarest, most precious and exotic essences from around the globe. These essential oils and absolutes include South American cocoa bean, Bulgarian zdravetz, Canadian fir balsam, South African pink grapefruit and rose geranium, Kashmir lavender from India, black pepper from Madagascar and countless more. Custom Fragrance Consultations: Using the knowledge and the power of the oils, you can have something fabulous designed exclusively for you, an indulgence that we so rarely give ourselves. Love Potion Custom Consult: Indulge in the ultimate luxury, a custom love potion designed exclusively for you to add passion to your life and help attract your perfect partner, or for you and your amor. Kismet Potions Weddings: A custom wedding fragrance will make your special day even more memorable.

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