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Gurkhas Restaurant


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Gurkhas Restaurant serving Authentic Nepali & Indian food in Boulder community since 2007 Gurkhas Restaurant, Authentic Nepali & Indian Cuisine, the name, Gurkha, is a military touchstone, evoking deeds of bravery and daring-do. The image is of a solid chunk of mountain man wielding a razor-sharp Khukuri whose breadth is only matched by his grin. And the reality is only a little removed from the legend. For the Nepalese, serving in a Gurkha Regiment is one of the greatest opportunities life can offer. For a Briton lucky enough to serve with such a regiment, there is no greater privilege; it is an experience that is never forgotten. Just like the brave Gurkhas, our team takes pride in the fact that we can provide our new and loyal customers with great tasting healthy and authentic food from the far East. From the rich cream based curries of India to the fresh distinctive flavors of Nepal, Gurkhas Restaurant’s chefs bring 15 years of experience to each of our entrées. Come in tonight for an unforgettable experience and tastes. We look forward to serving you.

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