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Guitars, Etc.


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Established in 1993, Guitars Etc. serves a loyal local customer base, providing quality musical gear for musicians of every playing level and at reasonable prices. Additionally, our web presence has earned Guitars Etc a growing virtual customer base with both domestic and international customers. Guitars Etc. also offers a well-established and proven lessons program with over 450 students learning from instructors for guitar, bass, drums/percussion, mandolin, banjo, piano, and band and orchestra instruments and for all styles of music. At Guitars Etc., they continuously strive to provide the best level of service possible to their customers including an in-house full-service lutherie shop and to find new ways to bring music to the community. This includes rock band camps during the summer, allowing students to come together to learn to play in a band setting, and performances from national artists in our Cellar at Guitars. Etc.   Contact 460 Main St Longmont, Colorado 80501 (303) 776-8388 Map

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