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Energy Arts was founded by Master Bruce Kumar Frantzis, Ph.D. as a vehicle to support his teaching and transmitting of the internal arts styles of an authentic Daoist Lineage from the Water Tradition as passed to him from his primary master, Liu Hung Chieh. It includes several Qigong forms, Yang and Wu style Tai Chi, Hsing-I, Bagua Zhang, Dao Yoga, Daoist meditation, and other practices within, all of which can support physical and mental health as well as teach martial art, healing practices, and spiritual cultivation. As far as we are aware, our training center in Longmont is the first true Dao Guan to exist in Western Nations at a time where these practices are not allowed to be taught in their entirety in China. Bruce’s teachers include Liu Hung Chieh, Bai Hua, Wang Shu Jin, Morihei Ueshiba, Hung I Hsiang, Hsuang Hsi-I, Kenichi Sawai, Yang Shao Jung, and Cheng Man-Ching among others. Energy Arts has practitioners from more than 40 countries and over 400 teachers worldwide, including 14 veteran senior instructors: 2 in Colorado, 1 of which currently lives in Longmont in addition to Bruce himself. The Energy Arts Training Center opened in 2019, and before this, Bruce and the EA Senior Instructors taught events worldwide at locations including NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, Ibiza (Spain), Neu-Ulm (Germany), Oxford University (UK), Hawaii, Crete (Greece), and more. Beyond live and virtual training, Energy Arts also provides high level instructor certification in these arts and can recommend instructors for your own classes or workshop events.

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