Left Hand Tours Bring Historic Longmont to Life

Gold, Grain, and Grit: A Story of Longmont

Left Hand Tours Bring

Historic Longmont to Life

Left Hand Tours is kicking off their first year with historical walking tours
of Downtown Longmont.

Gold, Grain, and Grit: A Story of Longmont is a one and a half hour walking tour that uses pictures, quotes, landmarks, and stories to paint a vivid picture of life in early Longmont. Themes include why Longmont was founded, who settled it, their early tribulations, and the industries that enabled the town to thrive.

Amy Scanes-Wolfe founded Left Hand Tours as a way to nurture and share her love of local history. Her degree is in anthropology, her background is in farming, and she spent the past two years working at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. “For me, local history is related to farming—it’s about connecting deeply to the places we inhabit, so we are invested in their future.”

Scanes-Wolfe’s hope with Left Hand Tours is to bring to life different times, places, and people within the Left Hand Valley. She is developing themed tours ranging from the lives of the Arapaho people to the agricultural history of the Left Hand Valley. Scanes-Wolfe is starting with Longmont because it’s where she grew up. “I never knew a thing about Longmont growing up here. But the more I dig into its history, the more colorful I find it.”

All scheduled tours run on select Sundays and are priced at $12/person. It is also possible to schedule tours by appointment at the same price.

For more information and to sign up: visit www.lefthandtours.com or call Amy at 720-289-2569.