Thank you Longmont, for choosing our next mascot: 

Monty, the Longmonster 

See your final voting results below:

Mascot Vote Results

We received almost 70 nominations from the Longmont community for mascot ideas.

From there, we asked you to vote on the top three. Congratulations to those of you who shared and submitted the idea for a "Longmonster" mascot:

Lynn Becker, Amanda Maldonado, Rachel Moyer, Ryan Kragerud, Julia Bonn, Nick Selman, Mindy Miller, Casety Toland, Ryan Mobley, Sian O'Halloran, Joel Terrell, Nick Danger, Jasmine.

We will be using your descriptions to partner with a local Longmont artist to develop a customized mascot in 2024.

Thank you all for your creative ideas!





Tourism Means Business in Longmont. 

Did you know that visitors spend more than $600,000 every day in Longmont? This spending means travelers are spending more than over $220M a year in Longmont, but how does that impact us as residents? These funds mean new money in our community that help fund public programs and services, events, roads and support your favorite restaurants, breweries, museums and more.

In Longmont, tourism means:

More Jobs Across Industries
7% of the jobs in Longmont would disappear without visitors! Visit Longmont brings visitors to our community that make it possible for our neighbors and friends to have thriving businesses that employ residents. 1 out of every 13 jobs in Longmont is related to tourism and hospitality.

Higher Quality of Life
Love local restaurants and events? Our visitors do, too. In fact, visitor and resident spending helps keep our favorite places running year-round.

Lower Taxes for Residents
Visitor spending helps maintain roads and trails and keeps community services running! Longmont residents pay less in annual taxes when our guests support local businesses and pay taxes during their visits.

Traducción al Español Por
The Latino Chamber of Commerce of Boulder County

¡1 de cada 13 empleos en Longmont está relacionado con el turismo y la hospitalidad! Visit Longmont trae visitantes a nuestra comunidad que hacen posibles esos empleos.

En un año los visitantes consumen más de 200 millones de dólares en Longmont. ¡Eso es más de 600,000 dólares al día! ¿Te gustan los restaurantes y eventos locales? A nuestros visitantes también. De hecho, el consumo de los visitantes y residentes ayuda a mantener en funcionamiento nuestros lugares favoritos durante todo el año.

Los residentes de Longmont pagan menos impuestos anuales cuando nuestros visitantes apoyan los negocios locales y pagan impuestos durante sus visitas. El consumo de los visitantes ayuda a mantener las carreteras, senderos y los servicios comunitarios en funcionamiento.

Los visitantes consumen más de 200 millones de dólares al año en Longmont. Esos fondos se utilizan para programas públicos, eventos, carreteras, restaurantes, cervecerías, museos y más. ¡El turismo es esencial para mantener en movimiento a Longmont!

Translation Credit: Tanya Balado 


Tourism keeps Longmont in motion!

Everyday, travelers are planning vacations, business functions, events, and conferences around the world. Visit Longmont's job is to be a top-tier, credible resource for anyone planning to visit Longmont - for any reason. We are working hard to sustainably grow this economy to support our local businesses of all sizes that create jobs that rely on tourism spending.