Homebrew Supply Store Open in Longmont

BREWMENTED, an independently-owned homebrew supply store, has opened in Longmont. Serving the homebrew industry, whether making beer, wine, mead, cider or Kombucha, this new store features a large selection of beer and wine-making supplies, a nano-brewery and tap room, classes for beginners and experts and brew-on-premises. Brew-on-premises will allow guests to use BREWMENTED’s equipment (with help from their staff) to make beer for special events (e.g., weddings, anniversaries, corporate team building). They also offer an extensive online marketplace for all of your homebrewing needs.

Two homebrewers, Bill Campbell (the veteran) and Vlad Aleksiev (the beginner), began discussing the idea of starting a business together four years ago. They considered several opportunities, but the main thread in all the choices was beer and brewing. They were drawn to the craft brew industry because of the quality of product, the independence of the breweries and the cooperative nature of the business. They first considered opening a brewery, but as their discussions continued, they found their true passion was the connection between homebrewing and craft brew.

BREWMENTED features an onsite nano-brewery.

The BREWMENTED team knows the thrill and reward that can be felt from brewing your own craft beer, kombucha, mead, cider or from making your own wine. There is also a camaraderie that is felt among homebrewers as they share their beer or other fermented beverage, their brewing stories and lessons learned. Campbell and Aleksiev felt that in the past, homebrewing could be confusing and difficult, but with recent advances in brewing and brewing equipment, homebrewing is easier now than ever.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced homebrewer, you can take a class at BREWMENTED.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced homebrewer, BREWMENTED has what you need. They carry ingredients, equipment and kits for making beer, wine, kombucha, cider, mead and soda. They also offer classes that are perfect for beginners or expert homebrewers. Classes are hands-on and intimate, and all classes are FREE! Plus attendees will receive 10% off their first purchase. To register for one of their upcoming classes or events, click here.

BREWMENTED is located at 900 S. Hover St., Unit C in Longmont. Learn more about BREWMENTED by visiting brewmented.com.