History of Used Book Emporium

Have you ever been curious about the history of the Used Book Emporium? Keep reading to find out!

In 1879, out of the rubble left by Longmont’s first catastrophic fire, two brothers-in-law constructed the building that still sits on 346 Main Street.
One was Royal Hubbard—brick maker turned postmaster, postmaster turned newspaper editor, and newspaper editor turned grocer. His esteemed brother-in-law John Thompson was an enthusiastic contributor to the early newspapers and was famous for one-liners like, “A man with enough money can buy a lot of unhappiness.”
The Hubbard and Thompson building would become one of Longmont’s first hardware stores, advertising “jewelry for your house.” It would continue on in that vein when, in 1915, C.A. Traylor bought the building and re-named it Traylor Hardware. Inevitably, his teenage sons were involved in the trade, and they took it over when C.A. Traylor passed away. The business stayed in the Traylor family for over 70 years, making it the oldest continuous business in Longmont’s history.
Photo: Used Book Emporium.
Today, visitors to the charming Used Book Emporium located at 346 Main Street in downtown Longmont, can still find evidence of the shop’s storied past. Pay attention to the numbers etched into the original wood flooring and the pristine historic elevator at the back of the shop. They currently have an inventory of over 65,000 books which includes: fiction, nonfiction, children’s, paperback, hardcover and audio books. Whatever your tastes, you are sure to find something of interest!
History text credit: Amy Scanes-Wolfe; Cover Photo: Used Book Emporium.