Get Cheesy in Longmont

The Art of Cheese is Longmont’s artisan cheesemaking school!

Perfect for visitors, aspiring home cheese-makers, or people who just love cheese, these classes take you on an agricultural journey, fitting for Longmont’s agricultural past.

There are several different classes to choose from: cheese and liquor pairings, cheesemaking 101, holiday cheesemaking, date nights, hard cheese classes, soft cheese classes, private group classes and cheese bootcamps!

Longmont, CO, USA, Various hard cheeses, with wine and crackers. Photo Credit: Al Milligan-KLC fotos

Most of the classes take place at the Art of Cheese Education Center located at CoSolve, 350 Terry Street in Longmont! Ranging from a few hours to multi-day sessions, these classes give you the hands-on approach on how to select milk, pasteurize, make different cheese varieties, wax rinds and conduct cheese pairings. Come hungry because there is a lot of sampling involved as well! Some of the classes even have you take home your cheese creations!

Cheesemaking class at the Art of Cheese.

If you would like to learn more about how cheese is made from Farm-to-Table, make sure to take the class held at Briar Gate Farm! This 3-hour experience starts by spending about an hour with the friendly Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat herd. You will learn all about the goats, and then you’ll get to actually milk one of the does.

Farm-to-Table Cheesemaking Class at Briar Gate Farm.

Next, head into the farmhouse kitchen and make some fresh ricotta with the milk just collected. You’ll also learn how to make the classic soft goat cheese, Chevre.  Here, you will sample different flavors you can add to Chevre, like honey and herbs. Then, you can create a custom-flavored log of your own to take with you. A light lunch including wine, cheese, bread, salad, fruit and dessert held outside on the patio.  At the end of class you can go back out to visit with the goats and take as many selfies as you would like!

Fresh Tomato Basil Chevre. Photo Credit: Al Milligan-KLC fotos

For more information and a full schedule of upcoming classes, please visit The Art of Cheese Event Calendar

Cover Photo Credit: Al Milligan-KLC fotos