Longmont Farmers Market

The Longmont Farmers’ Market Saturday season runs every Saturday beginning the first Saturday in April through the third Saturday in November, 8 am to 1 pm. Located at The Boulder County Fairgrounds, on 9595 Nelson Rd. Easily accessible from the corner of Hover Rd. and Boston Ave in Longmont CO. The Longmont Farmer’s Market began in 1990, and has grown over the years to become a well-organized “family” of approximately 50 participants. They include professional farmers with hundreds of acres, weekend farmers with small acreage, backyard gardeners or hobbyists, and teenagers working small plots to earn extra money. Selected representatives from several local food establishments, as well as local artists at the monthly art shows.

Visitors to the Farmers Market will find a wide variety of fresh Colorado-grown produce suited to their personal choices. There are farmers who use conventional methods of growing, and those who are certified organic growers. All items marketed as “organic” have been grown on farms that are certified by the State of Colorado. In addition to the traditional vegetables that you might expect to find at the Market, many unique items are also offered, such as golden beets, white eggplant, purple beans, seedless yellow watermelon, and European lettuces. Farmers from Western Slope orchards make the trip each week to share their beautiful tree-ripened fruits. In addition to high-quality produce, customers can also find fresh and dried flowers, bedding plants, corn stalks and Indian corn for fall decorating, homemade scented soaps, potpourri, wreaths, and other farm-oriented crafts. Rounding out the “earthy” selections are farm-fresh eggs, honey, roasted chilies, and prepared food and drinks.

The idea of a Farmer’s Market is as old as time. In times past, markets were the centers of towns and villages, the place people gathered to buy or barter goods and services and to catch up on village news. Today, Farmer’s Markets are thriving throughout the country, providing quality produce fresh from the field, preserving local farms, revitalizing downtown areas and creating a social opportunity for city and country folks to come together. The Longmont Farmers Market has followed suit and is a vital part of our community. Shopping at the market is an enjoyable activity that brings the community together for food and friendship. It is an educational opportunity for many, in that young and old alike can learn directly from farmers and other experts about growing practices, crop seasons, and cooking tips. And finally, it is a statement that consumers make with their dollars that local agriculture and family farms are an important part of our past, present, and future.


Boulder County Fairgrounds
9595 Nelson Rd
Longmont , Colorado
(303) 910-2236