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Yang Style Tai Chi First Section

  • Presented By: Energy Arts
  • Recurrence: Recurring weekly on Tuesday
  • Location: Energy Arts Training Center
  • Price: First Class Free! Monthly Membership $47 1st month, $97/month after, INCLUDES ALL CLASSES and cancel anytime. 8 weeks all in-person classes available for $150 ($18.75/week).


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All Students Welcome!

For those new to the Yang Style Tai Chi or Tai Chi in general, this class is the perfect entry to Yang style Tai Chi, known for its larger frame and emphasis on developing the physical body: bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Master Bruce Frantzis studied from the direct lineage with some of the best Yang Style masters of our time and passed it on to Senior Instructor Craig Barnes who has been studying and teaching Tai Chi for decades.

What You Will Learn:

In this class, Senior Instructor Craig Barnes will start from the beginning and go through the moves and details of the Old Yang Style Medium Form and will also catch up to where Master Frantzis is currently teaching. This will be the ideal preparation class for beginners wanting to learn Yang Style and take Master Frantzis’s class. For those who have been following along with the Yang Style classes with Bruce, this will be a good opportunity to review and solidify the moves that Bruce has shown.

Tuesdays, 7:00-8:00 PM – Instruction by Senior Instructor Craig Barnes. Check out his Instructor profile here

Class is live, in-person, streamed online, and recordings are posted for EA Live Members' in their online accounts.

Free Orientation Event Here

Full Class Schedule Here

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