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Marconics State of the Universe Lecture


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Are you ready for the next wave of Ascension?

Ascension out of 3D is over! Ascension into 5D is halfway through, and ascension into 7D is just beginning! 🌎

Spirit says, “It is essential to balance the Ego-mind with Spirit, for the ascending Physical, Mental and Emotional bodies to assimilate 144 fractal dimensions of experience.”

RECALIBRATE and thrive in the Avatar Consciousness Matrix
RECLAIM YOUR WINGS - through Hiero-gamic Union of Christos/Sophia frequencies
EMBODY SOVEREIGNTY - as Masters of Co-creation & Manifestation.
Whether you are a seasoned Healer, a Lightworker, or, a seeker on the path for Knowledge and Wisdom, you will receive the next energetic Upgrade as Advanced Teacher Tawney Pierce walks you through higher concepts:

‘The Fall of Man’ from our Universe of Origin
Higher Evolution of the Light Body/Merkabah
The Holographic Body & Its Restoration
Integration of Higher Self & Future Self Aspects on your path to Soul Sovereignty
Hear about ‘The State of the Universe’ and the ongoing Planetary SHIFT, and learn how to access and assimilate recently anchored SOPHIANIC frequencies of Mother Arc/Aqua Ray Magnetics for the NEXT Wave of Ascension.🧬

Enjoy a FREE Sample of Marconics Ascension Energy, and feel it for yourself! ⚡️

Full-spectrum Marconics Ascension Energy works in the ascending 5D body template, where older 3D healing modalities are no longer effective. It facilitates rapid shedding of karmic debris and new DNA 🧬 activations allowing you to raise your vibration and reach a new level of connection to Source/Spirit.

If you are ready to expand your consciousness to the edges of the universe and beyond, and stand in the Power of who you came here to BE, please join us!

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