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Marconics 'STATE OF THE UNIVERSE' Free Lecture Event


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Marconics 'STATE OF THE UNIVERSE' Free Lecture Event: for those ready for the next step on their Ascension Journey. Learn about the State of the planetary SHIFT and how to access and assimilate recently anchored encodements and Mother Arc/Aqua Ray Magnetics for the NEXT Ascension Wave. Discover how the subtle bodies can heal in synthesis, repairing corruption and distortions inherent in human DNA, through Marconics protocols; Activating Higher Spiritual DNA, and bringing all aspects of fragmented SELF into Unification with Source, through the alignment of multi-dimensional holographic body templates.

Free Energy Samples of Marconics Ascension Energy will be available after the lecture.

Marconics is a full-spectrum, multidimensional Ascension Energy modality that RECALIBRATES the holographic human templates for the embodiment of 5D reality and beyond!
If you are ready to expand your consciousness to the edges of the universe and beyond, and stand in the Power of who you came here to BE, please join us!

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