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Heaven and Earth Qigong Level 2

  • Presented By: Energy Arts
  • Recurrence: Recurring weekly on Thursday
  • Location: Energy Arts Training Center
  • Price: First Class is Free! Monthly Membership is $47 1st month, $97/month after for all classes in-person, live stream worldwide, and/or online web portal recordings. Single subject in-person classes available for $67/month.


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All Students Welcome!

Previous Heaven and Earth experience recommended but not required. Beginner level will be reviewed during the guided practice sessions. This second level Heaven and Earth course will focus on deepening and building upon the various threads of Neigong introduced in the first level.

Some main points to be covered are:
– Deepening the breathing
– Turning all the tissues of the arms and shoulders
– Additional spinal techniques
– Activating the Kwa
– Connecting the legs to the spine

The focus will continue to be on generating an accurate, clean, smooth, and relaxed Heaven and Earth practice that will shed accumulated tension, circulate the blood and qi, and take practitioners deeper inside themselves. It is this act of going inside that allows one to breech the external barrier and enter into the realm of “internal art” – a training protocol that Heaven and Earth is designed to achieve.

What You Will Learn
In this course we will be going right back to the beginning of Heaven and Earth training, rebuilding the form from scratch and then imbuing that form with internal content. This process will allow new students to receive a firm foundation in this rich neigong practice, while serving existing students by strengthening the fundamentals that open the gate for the more advanced material to take root.

Thursdays, 5:30-6:30 pm, Instruction by Senior Instructor Paul Cavel (Live-stream), Instructor Alden Przybylinski live in the room
Tuesdays, 9:00-9:30 am, Guided Practice by Alden Przybylinski
*This course is pre-recorded and screened live at the Energy Arts Training Center for the training group and any new students wanting to join. All classes have live instructors in attendance.*

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