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Farow Monthly Cocktail Class: All About Gin

  • Presented By: Farow


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In June's class, we'll be exploring the history of gin and classic gin cocktails!  Plus tips for making the perfect summer sipper. We'll start by discussing the history and production of gin, including the various botanicals used in different styles of gin such as London Dry, Plymouth, Old Tom, and New Western. We'll also cover the differences between different styles of new age gin and how they play into cocktails. We'll talk about the origins of famous gin cocktails like the Martini, the Negroni, and the Gin and Tonic. We'll discuss the proper techniques for making each cocktail and how to tailor them to your own tastes by adjusting ratios and using different garnishes.

Throughout the class, we'll provide you with tips and tricks for creating your own delicious gin cocktails at home, as well as recommendations for different gins and mixers to use. Whether you're a gin lover or a cocktail novice, this class will give you the knowledge and confidence to create the perfect gin cocktail for any occasion.

So come join us for an afternoon of gin education and mixology, where you'll learn about the history and flavors of gin, and leave with the skills to create delicious cocktails at home. As always, class will include a snack and takeaway gift.

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