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Clay Mask Making for Día de Muertos


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Come make a clay mask for our Dia de los Muertos Exhibit and Auction

You are invited to join us at a clay mask making art session at the Firehouse. We are going to rolling slabs and shaping around a ceramic mask mold and cutting out the eyes. They will be close to leather hard, or softer if you would like, so you can add clay elements (like clay flowers, clay butterflies, whatever you heart desires with the score, slip and smooth method). This gives you a chance to sculpt, add, substract, shape, and create a ceramic mask. We will then fire it and you can paint it (using the acrylic paints at Catrina Painting Days) or glaze it (using glazes that we have here). If glazed, we will fire it a second time in our kiln.

We will be auctioning off the masks at the Exhibit Opening! Artists will receive 40% of the auction price, with artists having an option to donate any portion of that back tot he Firehouse to support our Art Education outreach programs.

We hope that you will join us to create these works of art that support and sustain the Firehouse Art Center, while educating the community on this wonderful cultural event! Please consider making a donation to cover the cost of clay and firing.

Clay, paint and glazes will be provided. We will have fake flowers and other materials also available, but feel free to bring gems, feathers, fabric, etc. to add!

Many times and days offered to fit into your schedule! Please reserve your spot!

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