Change Your Life at Elevated Yoga Studio

Elevate your yoga experience to a higher level in this very special place called Elevated Yoga Studio.  Everyone is welcome, without exceptions because yoga is good for everyone, as everyone, without exceptions, can practice it and benefit from it.

Their teaching focuses on deep conscious awareness of who, how and where you are

Welcome to the sanctuary where yoga, spirituality and healing happen! They have been teaching traditional yoga, meditation and special programs in Longmont for over nine years!
We are perhaps the oldest yoga school in Longmont. Their fees are affordable and they do not charge for use of studio mats, blankets and other props.

Elevated Yoga Studio is a sanctuary where yoga, spirituality and healing happen

At Elevated Yoga Studio, they accept all levels, ages and needs. The drop-in fee is $14/class.

Elevated Yoga Studio
324 Main Street
Longmont, CO 80501