Longmont Cocktails

A Recipe Collection for Cocktail Creation at Home!

Mix and match your favorite Longmont drinkery recipes for virtual happy hours, holidays and gatherings!

Left Hand Brewing: Left Hand Sunset


*1 Custom-Etched Spiegelau glass 

*2 Parts Peach Beerlini Radler

*1 Part Wheels Gose 'Round

Start with the Peach Radler, then float their Raspberry + Lemon Peel Gose on top!

*All ingredients are available for curbside pick-up or delivery. Click HERE for more information!

Dry Land Distillers: Paloma

Recipe: Our a Dry Land Cactus Spirit is made in a mezcal-style, but from Native Prickly Pear Cactus paddles. The result is a beautiful, award-winning spirit that is bold in smoke, complex in flavor, with a crisp, sweet finish. 

*2 oz Dry Land Cactus Spirit

*4 oz grapefruit juice (we use freshly-squeezed)

*Splash of simple syrup (no more than 1/4 oz)

*1 oz aquafaba 

*3 drops citrus bitters 

*Seltzer/club soda to finish off

*High ball or Collins glass

Add all ingredients except seltzer to a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously until shaker becomes frosty. Strain contents into a highball or Collins glass. Add scoop of ice and top with seltzer (no more than 2-3 oz). Garnish with a wedge of grapefruit and serve with a reusable or compostable straw! 

*Some ingredients are available for pick-up or delivery via the Brewhop Trolley! Click HERE for more information!

St. Vrain Cidery:  Key Lime Pie Mojito


Add the following to a shaker:

*3 mint leaves

*2 tbsp simple syrup- muddle the mint

*1.5 oz rum - we recommend Dry Land's Cane Rum

*1.5 oz heavy cream


Line glass rim with crushed graham cracker (coat with simple syrup first to make sticky)

Top with 5oz SVC Key Lime Cider and stir

Garnish with mint and lime

*Cider is available to-go and for delivery! Click HERE for more information!

St. Vrain Cidery:  Guava Cider Cooler


  Add the following to a blender:

*1 1/2 cups ice

*3 oz aged rum - We recommend Dry Land's Aged Cane Rum

*3 oz St. Vrain Cidery's Pink Guava Cider

*1.5 oz Orange or Maraschino Liqueur

*2-4 canned pears

*1.5 oz pear juice

Blend and Serve!

*Cider is available to-go and for delivery! Click HERE for more information!

GrossenBart Brewery: Cacao Fu Manchu


  Add the following to a glass:

* 1 pint of Fu Manchu Foreign Stout from GrossenBart Brewery

* 1 oz of Cream de Cacao from Spirit Hound Distillery

*Grab Beer To-Go from GrossenBart Brewery. Click HERE for more information!

*Grab Spirits To-Go from Spirit Hound Distillers. Click HERE for more information!