Babettes is coming to Longmont!

Babettes Artisan Breads opened in Denver in fall 2013 by Steve and Catherine, making specialty breads and pastries. Babettes has earned a reputation and many drive miles to stock up on their favorites. However, they have closed the doors at their Denver location to make the move up to Longmont!

Longmont is home to Steve and Catherine, and they’re moving operations to serve something new to their neighbors. Babettes will open at 2030 Ionosphere Street in Longmont’s Prospect New Town development, but, with some new additions.

The new space has nearly 3,000 square feet to work with, so the Scotts are adding a wood-burning pizza oven and cocktail bar to the space, and the bakery will have its own entrance.

Catherine is an architect by training, so she designed the layout of the new Babettes, tentatively set to open by mid-January 2019. There will be an open kitchen with a bar and seating for guests. Next door, the bakery will have a few window seats and an order counter, where customers will be able to get coffee, bread and pastries. Upstairs, a 1,700-square-foot rooftop deck will provide excellent views for enjoying Longmont summer nights.

All of the breads at Babettes share common principles such as fermenting with a mild levain, high hydration, and little development at the mixing stage, building strength through punch and folds, and retarding for 12-18 hours. Among the unique qualities of their bread, the dark, well-caramelized crust stands out. Since Steve specializes in rustic European bread styles, he will apply the same methodology for his pizza dough, sticking to the same King Arthur flour he uses in his bread.

To keep up to date, follow the bakery and pizzeria on Instagram at @Babettes_pizza-pane and @Babettesartisan, or on the Babettes Artisan Bread website.

Cover Photo: Courtesy of Babettes Artisan Breads.