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Blanche Cunningham (Mrs. Harvey) was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Vincent and Marie Bohadlo. After graduating from 8th grade, Blanche held several jobs before working for the Continental Baking Company in Chicago. It was there, during the Great Depression, that she met the love of her life, Harvey Cunningham. Though she had already risen to the position of Forewoman, she gave up her position in order to marry Harvey. The two of them transferred to the Company’s very first Twinkie plant in the country. She took great pride in being an original Twinkie Lady!


In 1948, she and Harvey moved to Longmont, Colorado, where they went into partnership with their good friends, Jo and Rhiney Frobose. Together they formed Mrs. Harvey’s Baking Company, a wholesale baker of angel food cakes and assorted pies. Blanche retired from business to become a full-time homemaker which she always claimed was the “best job” she ever had. Blanche was preceded in death by her beloved husband, Robert Harvey Cunningham, in 1998. Mrs. Harvey passed just after her 99th birthday in 2012.

Mrs. Harvey’s Baking Company, 1980. Credit: Longmont Museum Historical Archives.

Though remodeled into a private home, the bakery building still stands to this day, with the sign: Mrs. Harvey’s Baking Co. above the front door at 954 11th Ave in Longmont.


House as it stands today, 2015. Credit: Endless Velo Love Blog Post.

Post Information Credit: Times Call Obituaries

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