Rocky Mountain National Park

Nearby Rocky Mountain National Park is a short trip for anyone visiting Longmont.

Rocky Mountain National Park – there’s simply nothing like it in the nation, and maybe the world!

Spanning more than 400 square miles, RMNP offers mountains of titanic majesty to see or climb, wide-open meadows with alpine flora, mountain lakes, and streams, untrammeled forest wilderness, and vibrant, abundant wildlife. Rocky Mountain National Park is synonymous with Colorado adventure – it’s simply not to be missed.

You can enjoy an easy day-hike in the shadow of massive, snow-capped peaks. Or pack into the backcountry for overnight camping under a canopy of stars seldom seen past the lights of the city. You can drive the whole park end-to-end on Trail Ridge Road (open seasonally), and see the park from the comfort of your car. There’s no wrong way to experience Rocky Mountain National Park.

Driving from Longmont, you can be in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park in as little as 40 minutes – and the miles pass quickly. The journey is part of the fun when travelling on scenic highways and byways through Arapahoe and Roosevelt National Forests. Depending on your route, you might drive winding mountain roads past redstone bluffs and mesas, or along the ponderosa pine-lined Big Thompson canyon. Both drives amaze, fascinate, and inspire.

Longmont is a great place to start! Stop in Longmont on your way to Estes Park and RMNP or stay here en route to whatever adventures await you along the Front Range.